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If you’d like to spend your lunch break or have a delightful evening in a pleasant and rustic atmosphere, then book a table at Stäffele!

Whether its Großes Stäffele, kleines Stäffele, the Weinkeller, the Raritätenkabinett or the outdoor spaces at Höflesgarten you’re sure to find your favourite spot at one of our five locations!



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You can book comfortably for up to 12 people, any time, day or night using our online booking tool.

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For more than 12 people, please use our group booking.
Group bookings

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Mon – Fri: 12.00-14.30 and from 18.00
Sat-Sun: from 18.00


Reservation up to 12 people


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of 12 or more

Bookings for groups of 12 or more

Note: please book over the phone for short notice bookings on weekends on:   +49 (0)711 664190 

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