Original Swabian Cuisine

Swabian specialities

The commitment to regional quality - “Taste the South”.

With our certified regional menu, we are part of Baden-Württemberg’s “Taste the South” restaurateurs.
For our excellent regional dishes, we only use ingredients from the region with verified production, some of which have an excellent quality label from the State of Baden-Württemberg.

We can vouch for this honest, trustworthy regional delight.

We believe in guaranteed origin, species-appropriate livestock keeping, gentle transport and careful processing. This ensures freshness and high quality and sustainable interaction with our cultural and natural landscape. As a result, we embody traditional Baden-Württemberg gastronomy and culinary culture.

Dining at Stäffele

Stuttgarter Stäffele’s menu doesn’t just look exceptional, it also offers all sorts of Swabian specialities for you to feast on. And it’s got a huge selection of Württemberg wines, which seasoned visitors will find both on the wine menu and at the Raritätenkabinett.